Jetpack Simulator Wiki

This is a list of all the redeemable and expired codes for Jetpack Simulator.

List of Codes
Code Reward Amount Location Released Status
Boost 1,000 Cash No Limit ? ? Active
6KPLAYING 2,000 Cash No Limit ? ? Active
THANKYOU 1,000 Cash No Limit ? ? Active
Glitches 2,000 Cash No Limit ? ? Active
Lion2 2 Epic Pets ? ? ? Expired
1MILVISITS 2k Cash No Limit Twitter[1] 1/4/19 Active
1MILVISITSEXCLUSIVE 15k Cash 100 People Twitter[1] 1/4/19 Expired
BOSSESUPDATE 1000 Cash No Limit Discord[2] 1/5/19 Active
SORRYFORSHUTDOWNS 20k Cash 100 People Twitter[3] 1/5/19 Expired
THATWASQUICK 50k Cash 50 People Discord[4] 1/8/19 Expired
chillANDepic 100k Cash 50 People Discord[5] 1/11/19 Expired
Prestige 1k Cash No Limit Twitter[6] 1/13/19 Active
BetterBosses 50k Cash 50 People Discord[7] 1/17/19 Expired
Note: Give information about new codes in comments. The code name, what it gives, proof with a screenshot and/or a link where it was found.